Storm Damage Restoration

Rochester, NY
Storm Damage

Storm Damage Restoration
Rochester, NY

The Rochester area can see all 4 seasons on the same day. Weather is crazy, and the storm damage left behind can be even crazier. Rock Environmental, a local remediation & restoration company, is available 24/7 for emergency storm damage restoration.

We will work with your home insurance company to make the restoration as seamless as possible and get your property back to pre-storm conditions.

Severe storms can be devastating to your property as well as your family. Taking all safety precautions, we will effectively and quickly provide storm damage cleanup and restoration! Contact us today for restoration services due to storm damage.

Common Damage Causing Storms

Upstate NY gets hit with all kinds of weather throughout the year. Some years have more or worse storms than previous years. The damage caused by these storms can be devastating. Below are some of the most common storm scenarios experienced in our area each year.

Winter Storms

winter storm damage
The Rochester, NY region is all too familiar with winter storms. The months tend to drag on bringing with them tons of snow, wind, ice, and severely cold temps. During these months, ice dams form causing damage to roofs and gutters. Heavy snow can also cause damage to roofs causing them to cave in or leak.

Tropical Storms

In our area, we may not be directly affected by tropical storms, however, we often feel the latent effects. These usually come with high winds and days of rain that feels like it never stops. When these storms come through the NY area, they can bring along flooding of creeks and rivers causing extensive property damage.

Wind Storms

wind storm damage
Every year our area sees wind storms that cause severe damage. Shingles fly off of roofs, power lines and utility poles are downed, fences are knocked over, and trees are uprooted. The damage left behind during wind storms comes in the form of property damage and water damage.



Thunder is usually just noise, but sometimes there can be lightning, heavy rain, strong winds, and even hail. The damages caused by thunderstorms can include lightning strikes to the home or nearby trees (causing them to break and fall), hail damage to your roof or property, missing shingles, and water leaks.

Not to mention that when lightning strikes your home, there is a possibility of frying your home's electrical system and fire (resulting in the need for fire damage restoration).

Hail Storms

These types of storms can happen at any time, and usually, they come out of nowhere without warning. Sometimes hail can be small pellets but can get to the size of a baseball. Hail can break through windows, cause severe damage to roofs, and wreak havoc on the rest of your property.

Rain Storms

flooded road from rain storm
Torrential rains can leave inches of standing water on your property. During big storms, the additional water can cause lakes, rivers, and creeks to rise to cause severe flooding. There are times when the water is already high that high winds might occur. When this happens, flooding may reach farther inland causing water damage to your home.

What Happens After the Storm?

When the storm finally starts to die down (whether it's hours or days later) there comes the property inspections. You walk your property line and take a look and see what was damaged due to the storm.

Regardless if it was snow, wind, or rain, you will want to ensure repairs are done swiftly to make sure more problems don't arise. Rock Environmental provides an array of storm damage restoration and repair services for your home or business. See below what our professionals can do for you in your time of need!

Emergency Shrink Wrap Roof Service

Wind damage to your roof can cause water to leak into your home. Leaks often lead to other problems like mold. If you are missing a large number of shingles, or if a tree has landed on your roof, consider getting your roof wrapped until it can be repaired.

It may not always be possible to see the extent of damage to your roof after a storm, but often if your neighbors are having repairs to their roof, you may likely need some as well.

Tree Removal

If a tree has fallen onto your roof due to wind storms or heavy rainfall (loosening the roots), we will remove the tree so further assessments and repairs may be conducted. During this time we can provide the roof shrink wrap until repairs can be made.

Water Damage Restoration

Storms in the Rochester, NY area occasionally lead to flooding. Lower levels of homes can end up with several inches of standing water by the time the storm ends. For those who live near the lakeshore, high winds often lead to the water crashing onshore and flooding basements and yards.

We provide emergency services to remove the water from your home and dry out the space. The quicker this can be done the better to reduce the chance of structural damage and mold growth. Water damage doesn't just occur with flooding; it can also happen from leaks in your roof or windows. If you notice water damage on your ceiling or walls, give us a call!

Emergency Board Up

If a storm has caused broken windows due to flying or falling debris, we offer window and door board-up services. This way we can get the inside of your home protected as much as possible from the elements outside.

Mold Remediation

After a storm has ended, there may have been unseen flood damage or leaks in your home. If this is the case, likely, it wasn’t dried out which would allow mold to grow. If a few days after a heavy rainstorm or flooding you smell musty odors, water likely got in your home somehow. But don’t worry, our crew is highly trained to handle mold remediation of any kind.

Pack-Out and Storage

If severe damage has been done to your home after a storm, we offer our secure pack-out and storage of your belongings. Items that have not been affected by the storm damage can be safely packed up and removed from the home to ensure no damage comes to them. We can store them at our secure facility until your home has been restored.

What You Should & Shouldn’t Do After a Storm

Storm Damage Restoration

DO wait until the storm has passed before checking for damage. Going out in the middle of the storm could cause injury to yourself, it is best to just wait it out and check later.

DO be aware of power lines and debris. Wind storms can bring down power lines that are still alive, these can be dangerous if approached. Additionally, there may be branches, nails, and glass scattered throughout your property. While walking to assess the damage, keep an eye on where you step.

DO take photos of any structural damage. You will also want to take photos of downed power lines, trees, and flooding. These can be helpful when filing an insurance claim. Then call the insurance company!

DO call Rock Environmental for any storm damage emergency! Our team is on standby when storms occur in the event you need us. Having an array of tools and equipment allows us to safely and effectively provide services for our community!

DO NOT vacuum standing water. There are wet/dry vacuums (ShopVac) that can handle the water, however, if there is a lot of standing water the risk of electrocution is greater. Leave the water removal to Rock Environmental.

DO NOT go into areas that have structural damage. You risk falling through floors or having other parts collapse. Rock Environmental crew members will safely assess the damage and determine if it is dangerous.

DO NOT clean up sewage or contaminated water. Sewer water is often contaminated and carries various diseases and bacteria. Being in the area of contaminated water poses a severe health risk to you. Luckily Rock Environmental is HAZWOPER trained to handle these hazardous situations.

DO NOT use electricity if the area is wet. Turning on an appliance where there is water can cause electrocution. Be sure all water has been removed and soaked up before using any appliances.  Rock Environmental has high-powered water suction mats and pumps to get as much water out of the home as possible. Additionally, we have many fans and dehumidifiers on hand.

Storm Damage Restoration Costs

Restoration from storm damage can widely vary in costs. Depending on the type of damage and the extent may increase the costs. On average, storm damage restoration costs range from $750 to $5,000. Call Rock Environmental for your storm damage assessment.

What Rock Environmental Can Do For You!

Storms can cause serious damage and affect belongings in your house, including the garage. The right steps can help you recover from the damage faster and safer, make insurance claims easier, and prepare you for the next storm.

Knowing what to do and what not to do can help you prevent risking your belongings and wallet. Your best option is to call the professionals at Rock Environmental for storm damage repair and restoration.

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