Environmental Survey

Rochester, NY

Environmental Survey in Rochester NY

Do you have a residential or commercial property that has recently been affected by hazardous waste or another potentially harmful material?

Do you want to better understand the surrounding environment of your property or where you are planning to develop properties? Rock Environmental can help!

Our environmental surveys can help you determine whether any remedial or cleanup services are needed at your property.

At Rock Environmental, we specialize in remedial and biohazard cleanup experiences and service the greater Rochester, NY area.

Our professional staff has completed the 40-hour HAZWOPER training, meaning we are fully educated on both the EPA and OSHA standards and requirements for the cleaning and disinfection of any space or facility.

How Do Our Environmental Surveys Work?


Environmental surveys can range with the techniques used. It typically comes down to the circumstances of the type of project and the surrounding environment itself. There are a few common surveying techniques that you may see with one of our surveyors.

A visual inspection can be utilized to assess the presence and growth of asbestos or mold in a property. Surveyors have a trained eye to look out for certain environmental indicators. The visual test will also be the first one done upon preliminary inspection. Visual inspections can help identify what environmental issues are present.

Water sampling is another common technique employed by our trained environmental surveyors. This technique involves taking a sample of water and testing it for quality and for the presence and levels of various pollutants.

While visual inspections can spot discoloration and debris, water sampling allows us to get a more accurate depiction of what is occurring beneath the surface.

Earth sampling is similar to water sampling except for we take part of an area's soil for examination. This technique allows us to measure for any pollutants in the soil. This helps us develop an action plan to remediate the soil to its natural, flourishing condition.

We also use maps and statistical data to cross-reference our results with existing environmental survey information. This helps build out our surveying reports and identify any trends that may be forming. It also helps us to gain a historical sense of the land to see what issues have come up in the past.

Historically obtained statistical data helps us form a more accurate predictive report of what could occur. For example, we use this type of data to determine the odds of flooding in a particular area.

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Major Operation Areas


Environmental surveyors can put their skills to use for a number of projects. Common projects include:

Flood Risk Assessments 

This report outlines the probability of a flood will occur in a designated building or area. We can determine, using historical data and field tests, an area's risk for flood potential so that you can assess ways of moving your building out of harm's way.

Contaminated Land Assessments

If the land has been used in the past for industrial or environmental waste, that land quality is compromised and could lead to structural deficiencies in your building or property. Our land assessments are best carried out before construction takes place, but we can also complete reports during and after construction. These reports help stakeholders create risk management plans and be prepared for land failure.

General Environmental Screenings

These types of surveys provide a general overview of potential risks to a land or water area. The goal of this assessment is to identify the risk of problems and what problems carry the greatest likelihood. These reports may not be as targeted as others where a known contaminant or risk exists, but they can still help you measure any environmental risks and plan accordingly.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos is a common problem in older homes throughout the United States. Our team can examine a property to determine the presence and scale of asbestos. Time is of the essence with asbestos exposure. If you feel that you may have asbestos on your property, please contact us right away to schedule an asbestos removal consultation.


Remedial Surveying

Remedial surveying involves containment efforts. We employ structures or devices to stop the spread of environmentally harmful or hazardous materials. This technique can also be used to consolidate and remove contaminated soils and cover landfills in order to reclaim the land and begin the process of restoration. 

If demolition services are required to begin the restorative process, Rock Environmental specializes in building demolition and interior demolition. We can handle any project, no matter the size. 

Our staff is trained to safely assess and remove environmentally harmful substances. Rock Environmental is well-equipped for the job, whether it is mold, asbestos, lead, biohazard materials, or another harmful agent.


Monitor Well Locations

Monitoring wells can serve a helpful purpose in identifying and managing contaminants in water. These monitoring wells are drilled into aquifers and can analyze and track contaminates.

We can map out a system of monitoring wells in order to maximize their efficiency. These wells are a proactive solution to put in place so that contaminants do not take over and ruin a healthy water supply. 

Monitoring Well

Why Choose Rock Environmental?

Rock Environmental puts safety and environmental conservatism at the forefront of our business practices. We are committed to customer satisfaction and to bettering the environment, whether from simple tasks like mold cleanup to more expansive projects such as biohazard removal. Our 24-hour emergency service reflects our dedication to customers' needs. We understand that problems can occur at any time of the day or night. 

Our expertise in the environmental field allows us to work quickly and efficiently. It also allows us to provide informed consultations to customers in order to bring the most out of their environment and remove any harmful substances the right way. Our demolition and restorative services set us apart from the competition. At Rock Environmental, we can do it all!