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Concrete Cutting & Breaking
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The terms concrete and cement are often interchanged and used to describe construction materials. While they are similar, they are in fact different. Cement is a combination of materials such as silicon, aluminum, iron, and calcium that is finely ground into a powder. 

When the powder mixture gets water added, it forms a paste, which we know as cement. This mixture is not very durable, and can often crack when used on its own. However, the adhesive properties make this a good material to use for tile grout or to mix with plaster for smooth surfaces.

Another use for cement is to add in more water, and sand, stone, or gravel to make concrete. Concrete often contains up to 75% of aggregate materials, which allow for higher strength in the material once it is dried. All the materials used in making concrete must be clean and free of contaminants to ensure the strength of the concrete does not get compromised in any way. 

Concrete is made to last, and can often be found hundreds of years later in near perfect condition. Homes today with a basement will likely have a concrete slab as the flooring. Additionally, most curbs and sidewalks are made of concrete, as well as bridges, buildings, and many other structures. The material is tough and requires special tools to break it up and remove it, which is where Rock Environmental comes into play.


Residential and Commercial Concrete Cutting & Breaking


If you are looking for any concrete demolition work, whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, Rock Environmental is the team to call. Concrete cutting and breaking take hard work, and the right set of tools to complete the job (no matter the size). Having an array of power tools, heavy-duty machinery, and protective gear is of utmost importance to get the job done right.


What is Concrete Cutting?

concrete cutting

The process of concrete cutting and breaking is done in a controlled manner and is meant to remove or change a large piece of concrete. When demolishing concrete, it is broken into smaller chunks of concrete that are easier to move and dispose of. 

The smaller sections can still be quite heavy, and several inches thick. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure the concrete removal is done correctly, otherwise, it could end up a very costly mistake. Cutting too far may lead to damaged pipes or power/cable lines.

Concrete Cutting & Breaking Methods

There is a variety of concrete sawing and drilling techniques used by the crews at Rock Environmental. Depending on the purpose of the concrete cutting services, we will best be able to determine which method to use.

Core Drilling

During this process, a drill is used to cut out perfectly round holes from the concrete area. Most often, these holes are used for plumbing and electrical wiring. Adding a bathroom to a basement or garage area may be a common situation that would require core drilling.

core drilling

Slab or Flat Sawing

This method of concrete breaking or cutting is completed horizontally, usually a concrete floor slab, bridge, road, or anything else that is flat concrete. Depending on the size of the concrete area, a hand saw could be used on smaller areas or high horsepower machines for larger spaces. Aside from the removal of a concrete slab, other reasons one might need slab or flat sawing may be for plumbing repairs, or to add in new plumbing systems.


Wall Sawing

The process of wall sawing or cutting is just as it sounds; cutting into a wall of concrete usually for the purpose of adding a door or window. There are also times when someone is building onto an existing structure that already has a basement. When expanding the basement area, an entire wall may be cut out to allow the two spaces to become one.

The best saw blades to use in this method are either made of tungsten carbide or coated with diamond dust. Both materials are extremely hard and completely capable of cutting through concrete with ease. There are also two different ways this can be completed, using a wet or a dry saw method. Wet sawing will produce less dust, and may be better for the type of job being completed.


Why Choose Rock Environmental for Concrete Cutting & Breaking?

The professionals at Rock Environmental will be able to determine what method is best for your job. With 20+ years of experience in the Environmental Remediation and Demolition industry, our crew comes highly recommended.

Following OSHA guidelines, we are constantly making sure that there is no flying debris, so plastic sheeting is often used to enclose around the area being worked on. Safety equipment such as protective clothing, safety goggles, and hard hats are all part of the job, and a safety plan is always implemented. 

When the job is done, our crew will fill our dumpsters and take the broken concrete pieces and dispose of them efficiently following EPA standards. Often, old concrete can be broken up and reused in a variety of other projects.

Hiring our professional crews is a cost-effective way to get your concrete demolition project completed. Leave the heavy work to us, we got your back!

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