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Meth Lab Cleanup in Rochester, NY

Dealing with meth has been an ongoing epidemic for years. Sadly, it isn’t something that will be stopped anytime soon. In the meantime, Rock Environmental in Rochester, NY, has devised a plan to help restore the community and rid areas of homes previously used for meth production.

After the hit series Breaking Bad came out, everyone learned that meth labs could be anywhere. A clandestine drug lab (secret, illegal facility used to produce illicit products) can be a home, camper, car, shed, or even an underground basement.

Rock Environmental has been trained and certified for the expert removal of hazardous materials, including those that remain after meth production. Following all OSHA standards and the guidance documents provided by the EPA, Rock Environmental will provide professional, expert waste disposal for any meth lab cleanup request.

What is Meth?


Meth (Methamphetamine) is a highly addictive drug produced using toxic chemical components. In the process of “cooking,” the chemicals have harmful fumes that not only fill an area but can also permeate into walls, floors, and belongings. 

Different ingredients can be used in production and vary depending on the manufacturer. Some components include pseudoephedrine, ether, paint thinner, battery acid, drain cleaner, and ammonia. The drug can be made into crystals, powder, rocks, or tablets and used in various ways.

The nature in which the drug is created makes the environment extremely dangerous. While many drug manufacturers get caught, even more labs blow up due to an error in chemical mixing or by trip wires/booby traps.

For those meth labs that get shut down by the DEA, there is a need for Rock Environmental in Rochester to provide expert meth lab cleanup services. Following specific cleanup guidelines, the home can be restored safely to be liveable again.

Do I Need Professional Cleaning?

The answer is YES! After a meth lab has been raided by law enforcement, the home's contents are left. While the drugs themself may be confiscated by the DEA, other paraphernalia will remain along with the house. 

There will likely be toxic chemicals in the home and poisonous fumes. During the cooking process, smoke and steam from the drugs will seep into any porous surface (carpet, walls, furniture) and possibly chemical spills on hard surfaces. HVAC systems, appliances, and plumbing can all also be affected.

Coming into contact with these harmful substances can cause an individual to become instantly sick, causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, and even death. Additionally, the drug substances can cause chemical burns if they come into contact with bare skin. Proper PPE is ALWAYS required to remove contaminated materials from a drug house.

The lingering effects of the hazardous waste can last for months to even years after the drug lab has been removed. Without proper meth lab remediation, the home can cause harmful side effects to anyone within the home, including children and pets. Calling Rock Environmental in Rochester, NY, is your only choice when it comes to meth lab cleanup!


The Full Meth Lab Cleanup Process by Rock Environmental

The professionally trained crew at Rock Environmental has compiled a step-by-step process to remediate any space used as a drug lab safely. 

**ALL steps are completed with proper PPE, including protective clothing, glasses, masks, steel-toed boots, and gloves**

First Step

Examine the property both indoors and out. This process allows the crew to see the extent of the damage left behind and what chemicals and substances remain. Law enforcement will only handle so much; the rest is left to the professional meth lab cleanup company.

Second Step

Ventilating the area is a must. Getting any toxic fumes out and fresh air in will be extremely helpful to the working crew. If windows cannot be opened, high-powered fans and HEPA-filtered systems are used. Additionally, our team will shut off the HVAC system to prevent further contamination throughout the rest of the home.

Third Step

Assessment and Scope of Work. During this step, a full assessment is completed, including remediation sampling. Knowing what substances are being dealt with is imperative to ensure no mishandling or causing any safety issues. It will also be determined what other necessary equipment is needed, the time it will take to restore, and a cost estimate.

Fourth Step

Decontamination Planning occurs during this step, including taking a room-by-room account of what needs to be removed, cleaned, or marked as lab waste. Additionally, if rooms need to be closed off due to contamination, team members will seal them during this step.

Fifth Step

Contaminated items are removed. This step will include more oversized items that can be removed from the home, such as carpets, furniture, and other belongings that have or may have been affected by the meth lab. Often, these items need to be discarded using a biohazard process (which Rock Environmental is trained for). 

If items can be cleaned and restored, they will be taken to a facility for effective decontamination and disinfection. *The Environmental Protection Agency recommends at least 24-hour ventilation before going to the next step*


Sixth Step

This step involves commercial-grade vacuuming of the floors and walls. Regular vacuums don’t usually have a HEPA filter, which is best to use during this cleaning. Everything should be vacuumed to help remove any remaining particles before the next step.

Seventh Step

Wash, wash, wash. Everything left inside gets cleaned with a cleaning agent (that doesn’t include bleach), such as a detergent water solution. This will consist of walls, floors, cabinets, counters, and everything else. Even if it doesn’t appear soiled, it gets washed!

Eighth Step

Handling the HVAC system. Since it has already been shut off, it no longer spreads volatile particles throughout the home. During this step, a complete duct cleaning and all filters changed would occur. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, it will get sealed to be sure no other contamination occurs during the remaining steps.

Ninth Step

Full top-to-bottom washing. They start from the ceilings, going down the walls, including light fixtures, outlets, and everything in between to the floor. This step will be completed multiple times until every surface and fixture has been thoroughly cleaned.

Tenth Step

Apply a new coat of paint and primer. This process will help seal the walls from anything left behind. It can also help protect the walls from further damage. If anything needs to be replaced or repaired due to damage, this will be the step in which it is completed.

Eleventh Step

Evaluate the plumbing systems. Drug manufacturers often flush or pour different chemicals and substances down the drain. Depending on what that may have been, there could be damage to the system. 

Any tanks, catch basins, sinks, and pipes should be rinsed using clean water repeatedly. If there are any damaged pipes, you may call a professional plumber to complete the work once the home has been cleared.

Twelveth Step

Final testing of the home, including surfaces, is completed to ensure no harmful substances remain. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine and Fentanyl Laboratory Cleanup document strictly followed by Rock Environmental. If for any reason, the home does not meet these guidelines after final testing, the entire house is cleaned again, then re-tested.

Why Choose Rock Environmental for Meth Lab Cleanup?

Every step of the remediation process is handled with care to ensure public health safety. All hazardous materials are disposed of properly and swiftly. If you or someone you know has an issue with remnants of a meth lab, call Rock Environmental for professional meth lab cleanup services today!