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The professional Water Damage Drying Service that we offer here at Rock Environmental in Leicester, New York, 14481 will begin the water damage cleanup process by using submersible or truck mounted pumps to remove any water that is standing, the extraction tools and vacuums will be able to get the rest that is missed.

This step also helps speed along drying time, and helps prevent mold and any secondary water damage. Afterwards, the pad and carpets will be inspected closely by our techs, to save as much sub-floor as possible we determine what is salvageable and what is not. Call our office anytime you need help with water damage cleanup (585) 206-8270.

Rock Environmental in Leicester, New York, 14481

If you are currently dealing with water that has infiltrated your home or other types of water damage inside your residential or commercial property, it is not recommended that you try to handle the issue alone or through any "do-it-yourself" methods. Call a professional at (585) 206-8270 because not only is it unsafe without the proper tools and techniques to treat, but you can eventually worsen the situation even further. Don't delay, make sure that you hire a professional Water Damage Restoration Service like ours at Rock Environmental in Leicester, NY, 14481.

Our professional Water Damage Cleaning Service is the best at cleaning and restoring your property back to it original state before water damages. With certified technicians and advanced drying systems, we get the job done right keeping in mind your health and safety throughout the entire process. Rock Environmental is the quickest and most efficient Water Damage Cleanup Company, we conveniently have emergency dispatch services available for you 24 hours at (585) 206-8270.

Take it from our Water Damage Clean Up, and Restoration Company, If the water damaged areas are not completely treated and dried out, you will most certainly experience mold growth and this type of damage is known to be highly destructive. Moist areas provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and for the wood rot and other corrosion to begin, this will weaken the structural integrity of the building over time.

If certain areas, such as your basements, crawl spaces, and attics, become damp, they become perfect hiding places for molds and mildew, which is notorious for causing several health related issues in humans and pets.  Some symptoms can occur such as: sneezing, wheezing, allergies, and even lung cancer.  Call us at Rock Environmental in Leicester, New York, 14481 today to learn more about the process of cleanup for your water damage situation (585) 206-8270.

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