At Rock Environmental in Otisville, NY, 10963 we will begin our restoration process with an initial inspection of the property damages, assessing and determining which methods or cleaning agents and solvents are needed for the unique cause of the soot and the chemical make-up of the residue. Our team and our expertise are well known to property insurance professionals around the area, so we do everything possible to handle all insurance claims directly with your adjuster. We use only the most efficient methods set forth by the IICRC for cleaning, stain removal, odor elimination and deodorizing the property after a fire. From soot damage resulting from smoldering fires to full on house fires, our team knows how it is a very serious matter and it can cause significant health and safety issues so that is why we are available night and day at (866) 806-6970.

Rock Environmental in Otisville, New York, 10963

Rock Environmental in Otisville, New York, 10963 is always available and ready to help when encountering soot damage. Soot’s chemical composition can corrode certain metals and destroy other structural materials such as drywall and wood. That's why acting fast is necessary when trying to minimize a property's damage after a fire and in turn it will save you money in the long run.  Smoke and soot can be absorbed by almost all your furniture and contents, especially porous materials or surfaces and may continue to absorb odors until the soot is removed.  Make sure to call our office if you end up in the need of a team. We are always available and ready to help (866) 806-6970.

Often after a fire, there is the lingering smell of smoke and soot residue usually in most every inch of the space.  Soot damage can have serious adverse effects on any textile materials that are left untreated and cleaned increasing the change that they will become un-salvageable.

Rock Environmental in Otisville, New York, 10963 has teams of expert restoration specialists' that are knowledgeable in finding and removing all of the different types of soot and the smells and odors that coincide. Call our team today at (866) 806-6970 to speak to our dispatch about your soot damage cleanup needs.

Our team is specially trained to take on the whole-house cleaning and deodorizing, the process required in response to soot damage cleanup is our specialty.  If soot damage is associated with fire damage or smoke damage often you will also be experiencing water damage that occurred when the fire was put out which makes matters worse, but don’t worry Rock Environmental in Otisville, NY, 10963 can protect your property while providing comprehensive restoration services. We can also clean and store your contents while building repair and restoration takes place.  If you need any Soot Damage Cleaning services give us a call day or night at (866) 806-6970.

Rock Environmental in Otisville, New York, 10963