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Odors from a fire, cigarette smoke or long burning candles even will stick to surfaces and materials and stay around for long periods, they can be noxious and are tough to remove with everyday house cleaner or air fresheners. Smoke damage results in tiny unseen particles becoming absorbed into every surface and all crevices around your property.

Your contents such as; furniture, clothing, drapes and linen can carry the pungent smell of smoke for long periods. Because smoke odors are so strong and can affect your home as well as your health and all dwellers down to a microscopic particle level, household cleaners are not enough.  You need our professional smoke damage field workers help.

We can be reached at (585) 206-8270, we service the Bethany, NY, 14005 area and we are more than equip to take care of all of your smoke odor-related issues and can help you get your natural environment back to a safe and comfortable level.

Rock Environmental in Bethany, New York, 14005

If the particles and odor from smoke sit untouched in your property for too long often will result in allergies and other illnesses to those who frequent your home or business. Therefore, it is so important to ensure that you are effectively removing all smoke odors when you have suffered from a fire.

With the use of our smoke odor removal professionals skills and certifications at Rock Environmental our team can help you fight off the most stubborn and noxious smoke odors and cleanup providing you with a healthy environment. Our smoke odor removal company uses the best know methods and technology to safely combat and eliminate odors at their source. While many household products just assist at covering up the smell, we can promise you that we will do everything we can to eliminate the particles causing the odors forever.

In most cases, a fire starts in a small secluded area and spreads outwards. Even if the fire is contained and extinguished quickly, smoke will travel to adjacent areas causing much more widespread damage than what can be seen with your eyes. Smoke often absorbs and sticks to drywall, carpeting, furniture and drapes. Typically, there is a strong odor throughout the property.

Our smoke damage experts are trained to enter the property mitigate as much smoke damage as possible. It is important in the case of a fire that you call us for professional help with the removal of the odor related damages. Our smoke odor removal specialists are available 24/7 to assist you in the event of a fire and smoke odor issues.

Our smoke damage professionals in Bethany, NY will fire provide an initial assessment of all affected areas in your home or business near the main area of concern. Secondly, we will provide you with an overall estimate of the odor removal services, we will work together with you to create a plan of action that fits your unique needs and budget.

Our focus is on more than just smoke removal. Our smoke odor removal experts ensure that our customers are happy with the results and have peace of mind that their worries are over. Our goal her at Rock Environmental is to give you quality and affordable smoke odor removal service. We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help you! Please call us right now at (585) 206-8270.

Rock Environmental in Bethany, New York, 14005