Just as in most restoration scenarios, every case of mold is unique. There are many approaches for remediating mold in your home or business depending on the specific characteristics. When dealing with mold, it is important to utilize a professional Mold Testing service.

The team at Rock Environmental in East Avon, NY, 14414 can help you determine a strategic plan that will restore a healthy environment for you dependent on the type of mold that is present.  Ultimately though, the best thing you can do to begin the process is to give us a call at (585) 206-8270 to set up a consultation.

Rock Environmental in East Avon, New York, 14414

Our team in East Avon, NY will assess all potential mold and the damages in your home or business using state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to determine the level of mold growth and the type of mold we are facing. We will then work with you to determine the best course of action.

Our crew will first test and then work to contain the growths to prevent further cross contamination to other areas. We will then ensure that there is clean air on the premises using filtrating devices. We will finish by removing and restoring any affected belongings off-site and removing the mold from the premises.

Our pros at Rock Environmental understands that mold is a form of fungi that can very often be found indoors in moisture-rich areas.  Scientists estimate that there may even be hundreds of thousands of mold species alone. When dealing with mold in your home or business, it is important to understand how differing severity and species variety plays a role in the mold remediation process. Mold most often grows in warm and humid conditions, spreading via spores at an alarming rate.  Furthermore, mold can begin to rise to unsafe levels within as little as 48 hours after encountering high moisture or humidity levels. Once the mold has begun to grow in your home or business, it becomes capable of surviving in dry conditions that would not normally support mold growth. For all the above reasons, it is essential that you seek professional help from the experts at Rock Environmental of East Avon by calling us at (585) 206-8270 if you suspect any mold-related concerns within your property.

While it is commonly understood that mold spores thrive on moisture, it is not always so easy to prevent such moisture from occurring but if you are dealing with water damage it is a good idea to get a test done for mold as well.

The pros in East Avon, NY are highly trained and experienced in locating the source of such moisture occurrences and eliminating them, which essentially cuts off the lifeline for further mold growth. It can be very difficult to take on mold without professional assistance. We are happy to help you today, just give us a call at (585) 206-8270.

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