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Rochester, NY


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Garage Demolition and Removal in Rochester, NY

Are you planning to demolish your garage? We’re your extreme garage demolition crew here at Rock Environmental, Inc, with the best customer reviews. We specialize in offering quality and professional garage removal services.

Our primary focus is on our clients. We strive to ease their minds knowing that they can relax while we do our job.

If your garage is attached to your home, we have electricians, roofing contractors, plumbers, and siding contractors to make your home look like nothing was ever removed. With considerable experience, our crew has worked on numerous demolition projects. We qualify as the most outstanding, trustworthy company in Rochester, NY.

Our Company

As one of the leading local certified demolition contractor companies in Rochester, NY, we take pride in every project we endeavor, no matter how big or small the structure is. With over ten years of experience, look no further; you can be assured that they are the best you’ll find for all your demolition project needs.

Their knowledge of the task at hand makes our company an excellent choice for even the most difficult of projects. As the highest-rated demolition company in Rochester, NY, our crew is the best-qualified and well-trained team with an outstanding performance record. They will have your garage demolished in no time.


Why Demolish?

If you have a detached garage that’s declining fast and falling apart from old age or has shifted and the garage door won’t work anymore, now might be a good time to hire a professional garage demolition crew to come out to do the job.

You may be looking to expand the garage or put it in a new area, but whatever the reason, we are up to the task! Demolition can be a challenging and somewhat tedious project, so this is not a job you should consider taking on yourself.

We are rigged with state-of-the-art equipment and can complete the demolition process efficiently and on time. We follow all safety equipment guidelines to ensure the job is completed safely. No matter what materials your garage is made of, our team will separate all the debris and recycle it accordingly.

If your structure was built in the 1980’s you may be worried about asbestos; well, not to worry, our company is 100% certified for asbestos removal.


The Right Tools

Our tools will get the job done, whether big or small. We have everything we’d need, from the minor tools like chipping hammers to jackhammers for smaller projects to heavy machinery like bulldozers and front loaders for larger projects.

Additionally, we will obtain the required permit to demolish needed for a particular job and turn off any gas, electric, or plumbing. We initially remove the roof and siding when we tear down a garage. Next, we will remove any doors and windows (these could be recycled or reused).

Lastly, we will take apart whatever we can without making too much of a mess to allow for easier debris cleanup and recycling. If the garage has a slab, we will also provide concrete removal.

Garage Demolition Cost

The average cost for garage demolition is around $6,000. Still, it can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on whether or not the garage is attached to your home, how oversized the garage is, and the material of the garage. We’ll provide the estimate, so you’ll know in advance what you’re looking at cost-wise. We will also work with your insurance company if necessary.

What We Do

As a whole, our certified commercial and residential services include the following;

Demolition Service
Environmental Remediation
Biohazard Cleanup
Pool Fill-in
Concrete Slab Removal
Building Wrecking

Our services don’t stop there. You can check out our menu for all the services we offer.

We’re your ultimate garage demolition contractor here at Rock Environmental, Inc. We take pride in our work, have become the most reputable company in Rochester, NY, and have the most excellent customer reviews.

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