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Is your home or business suffering from water damage? Unless you're walking through puddles and struggling with bubbled ceilings, you might not be sure. However, there are a few common signs and symptoms of water damage.

Being familiar with these signs could help you avoid many of the more severe consequences of water damage. After all, water damage restoration services are often more affordable when the damage is minimal.

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What Causes Home Water Damage?

There are dozens of things that can cause interior water damage. There are also a few things that can contribute to exterior water damage, such as clogged gutters.

That said, the three most common culprits behind home water damage are:

  • Leaky Pipes
  • AC Condensation
  • Extreme Weather

Let's explore these causes in greater detail to understand why they happen and how you can avoid them. After all, the best water damage remediation tactic is water damage prevention.

Leaky Pipes

Burst Pipe

Your home's walls hide quite a few things. For one, they help keep water pipes hidden and protected. However, they can leak or burst, causing significant water damage.

Leaky or burst pipes tend to be the most common cause of water damage. Major home appliances connected to your home's water supply can also leak and cause interior puddling, mold, and mildew.

But one of the positive aspects of repairing a leaky pipe is that it's impossible to miss. If your home has water damage because of a leaky pipe, you'll know about it right away.

This instant diagnosis could help you seek immediate repair and remediation services. Still, it's a great idea to routinely check your pipes for leaks and signs of damage.

AC Condensation

Air Conditioner Condensation

Though there are still a few homes throughout the US that don't have air conditioning units, most houses are equipped with either a heater or an air conditioner. Some homes have both!

If your property has an AC unit, you may want to make a habit of checking your condensation drain and pan. During the warm summer months, your air conditioner might work extra hard to keep your home cool.

When this happens, it can produce excess condensation, which could pool inside of your home. Checking for puddles and ensuring your drains are clear is a great way to prevent condensation-related damage.

Extreme Weather

Heavy Rain Causing Flooding

Hurricanes, flash floods, and tornadoes can all contribute to water damage problems. Any weather event involving intense amounts of rain or wind can contribute to water damage. This can very likely lead to flooded basements.

Homeowners living in areas prone to earthquakes and wildfires may also be at risk of water damage. Strong earthquakes can damage water pipes, causing them to burst or leak.

Wildfire heat can cause water heaters to explode, expelling massive amounts of heated water throughout the home. Still, water damage is only one of the many types of property destruction these natural disasters inflict.

Signs of Water Damage

It doesn't take a professional restoration specialist to identify signs of water damage. Several common signs are easily spotted, and homeowners should watch out for:

  • Dark Spots
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Flaking Paint
  • Puddles and Droplets

By keeping your eyes peeled for these signs, you can minimize the amount of water damage your home experiences. You might also be able to reduce the overall cost of remediation services by acting quickly.

Dark Spots

Dark Water Spots on Wall and Ceiling

Have you noticed any dark spots along the walls or ceilings of your home? These are some of the most common signs of water damage. And unfortunately, they tend to worsen over time.

Water stains are indicative of roofing problems or humidity issues. Those living in humid or coastal environments may be most at risk of seeing this form of water damage.

Left untreated, water stains can become havens for mold and mildew. Some stains are caused by mold spreading and consuming drywall, wood, and other structural materials.

Mold and Mildew

Mold Caused by Water Damage

Nearly every type of mold requires moisture and oxygen to survive and spread. If you begin to spot mold growth on your walls, floors, or belongings, there's a good chance you're dealing with water damage.

While naturally wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens might have occasional mold problems, it's not common for other areas to have mold. Additionally, mold is a significant health hazard.

If you spot mold in your home, especially along your walls or baseboards, it's crucial to seek immediate mold remediation. Otherwise, you and your household could begin to suffer from prolonged mold exposure.

Flaking Paint

Flaking Paint due to Water Damage

Take a look at the paint on your ceilings and walls. Do you notice any flaking areas? If so, you might have a little water damage on your hands.

Even the strongest roofs occasionally need repairs and maintenance. If you live in an area prone to extreme weather, such as tornadoes or hurricanes, it's crucial to perform annual roof maintenance.

Flaking paint is almost always the result of a leaky or insecure roof. When water or excess humidity is trapped between your ceilings and roof tiles, the moisture accumulates. This can cause ceiling paint to flake away.

Puddles and Droplets

Puddles Formed by Water Leak

Some of the more obvious signs of water damage are puddles and droplets. Flash floods and hurricanes are some of the most common causes behind interior puddling. However, a burst pipe can also cause puddles or standing water to form.

If you hear water droplets while walking through your home, but all of your faucets are off, you might want to investigate. In some cases, this sound might be excess condensation from your AC unit.

This condensation can overflow, causing water damage. However, a dripping sound can also indicate a leaking pipe inside your walls or near your major plumbing appliances.

Water Damage Restoration Services

If you notice any signs of water damage around your home or commercial property, you'll want to seek a water restoration service. Water damage restoration companies are relatively plentiful, and many offer unique deals and specials.

However, the extent of damage influences the final cost. A home with minimal water damage is far easier to restore than one that is filled with rotting drywall and mold.

That's why it's crucial to seek restoration services at the first sign of trouble. If you ignore signs of water damage, you could end paying a steep repair bill. And thanks to mold, you might also end up with a hefty hospital bill.

Avoiding both of these issues is as simple as reaching out to a local restoration service company near you. We will contact your insurance company so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Water damage can happen in any property. Leaky pipes, extreme weather, and excess condensation can all lead to water damage. Sadly, untreated damage can cause significant damage to your home and health.

Always keep an eye out for the common signs of water damage, including dark spots along your ceilings or walls. You'll also want to seek water damage restoration services at the first sign of trouble.

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