Soot Damage Cleaning

In by Sandy Behan

At Rock Environmental in we will begin our soot cleanup and restoration process with a thorough inspection of the damages, assessing and documenting the unique cause of the soot and the chemical make-up of it.  Our team knows that because of the unpredictable nature of soot and smoke damage the use different methods are needed to completely rid the area of the smell, this includes air blasting, pressure washing, steam cleaning, dry soot sponging to eliminate the smoke odor.  We carry out a thermal fogging treatment to the affected rooms which acts to bind to the smoke particles and render them odorless. Our team is always available and ready to help 000-000-0000. Rock Environmental in is always available and ready to help when encountering soot residue inside your property. Soot’s …

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Smoke Odor Removal

In by Sandy Behan

Odors from a fire, cigarette smoke or long burning candles even will stick to surfaces and materials and stay around for long periods, they are tough to remove with everyday house cleaner or air fresheners. Smoke damage results in tiny unseen particles becoming absorbed into every surface and all crevices around your property and in your belongings. Your contents such as; furniture, clothing, drapes and linen can carry the pesky smell of smoke for long periods. Because smoke odors are so strong and can affect your home as well as your health and all dwellers down to a microscopic particle level, household cleaners are not enough to rid the odor.  You need our professional smoke odor removal technicians help. We can be reached at 000-000-0000 24/7 for your emergancies, we …