Reopening Business phase 3

Rochester NY Reopening: Coronavirus Cleaning for your Business!

Rochester NY Reopening: Coronavirus Cleaning for your Business!

Opening a business can be very stressful, let alone having to reopen. We'd like to help make this new transition a little easier on you.

We continue to provide exemplary Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection services to small and large businesses alike.

Whether your business reopened in Phase 1 or you're reopening in Phase 3 or beyond, we are prepared to help 24/7! We're in this together!

Rochester NY reopening and coronavirus cleaning

Coronavirus Cleaning for Reopening Businesses

Rochester NY Reopening for Businesses

It’s the end of the school year, and parents and students alike have been assuming a new type of normal. What about businesses? A new normal is in place for them too. Everything is different now, and many guidelines are in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

As we prepare ourselves for what happens next, we must keep in mind what must be done first. As a business owner, you may already be open under the NY Forward, or getting ready to open in Phase 3. What are you doing to prepare yourself?

Under new orders from the state, all business owners MUST adhere to strict guidelines. Rock Environmental is here for you to help ensure you are ready to open and remain open. Using the SteraMist line of products, we are prepared to provide you with thorough Coronavirus cleaning to reopen your business! No matter how big or small your facility is, we’re here to help!

Rochester NY Reopening: Phase 3

New York Phase 3 Reopening

Phase 3 is what many people have been waiting for. Salons have been allowed to provide more services including manicures and pedicures, waxing, and massages. Tattoo and piercing establishments are back up and running (with restrictions), bars and restaurants have also opened for indoor seating (with even more restrictions).

Even though many places are still restricted, it is giving that chance for people to resume life. Not just going out and socializing, but also for the workers to get back to their jobs and businesses can bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently added to Phase 3 includes visitation in hospitals and nursing homes. Many people have gone without seeing loved ones, and now it will be up to the facility to allow visitors. With Summer quickly approaching, some areas have begun to open splash pads for the community. This will be a nice relief when we get those hot days again. Here are the current guidelines for Phase 3 Industries.

As a business owner who falls under the Phase 3 Rochester NY reopening of restaurants, what are you doing to reopen? You should start with a coronavirus cleaning conducted by Rock Environmental. Using the SteraMist products, we can work quicker to fully clean your business.

Little preparation is required before we come in saving you time and money. Since the place has likely been closed since March to customers, there should not be any debris or trash that must be picked up first. The SteraMist devices will easily clean all surfaces including tables, chairs, counters, registers and other restaurant/bar items.

Imagine having to clean EVERY SINGLE THING by hand? It would take forever. With our focus being on the cleaning and disinfecting, you and your employees can focus on the quality service you can finally provide to your customers!

Rochester NY Reopening: Phase 2

New York Phase 2 Reopening

When we entered Phase 2, there was some confusion with certain industries and what was going to be permitted. There were changes made, and restrictions added to numerous industries including barbers and salons. For the personal care type service (barber/salon) the only service allowed was related to hair. Haircuts, colors and styles. This meant no beard trimming, eyebrow waxing, or manicures.

Other things began to open up as well including real estate (for virtual showings), offices (with limited staff), in-store shopping (with limited occupancy at one time), outdoor service at restaurants and bars, drive-in movie theaters and gatherings of people (of 10 or less, outdoors).

While the restrictions have made some things difficult, it has allowed people to begin to regain some normalcy and for businesses to get back to work. Here you can review the complete list of Phase 2 Industries and their specific guidelines. After 2 weeks, we have finally been able to enter Phase 3.

Rochester NY Reopening: Phase 1

New York Phase 1 Reopening

In NYS, Phase one allowed for additional essential businesses to start reopening. After being shut down since March, it was an exciting time for people. In Phase 1, construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing/hunting, manufacturing, wholesale trade and retail (curbside pick-up only) were able to open back up. Per guidelines, the state was able to open but with limited occupancy.

This means that not everyone was back to work yet. Depending on the business, only a certain number of people would be allowed in the building at the same time. For construction crews, they can work due to being outdoors, however every crew member must wear a face covering during their shift. Retail is only able to allow customers to order online or call and then pick up at the curb or at the service desk. No shopping inside.

Here you can view the complete list of Phase 1 Industries and their guidelines. After 2 long weeks, numbers remained at a decline pace and NYS was able to enter Phase 2.

Continued Prevention of Coronavirus

Rochester NY Reopening Cleaning Preventing Covid-19 Spreading

Even though we have entered Phase 3 for most of NYS, it is still important to maintain proper coronavirus cleaning and guidelines. It has been stated by the governor of NY that he will shut down all businesses not complying with the reopening guidelines.

At Rock Environmental, we strive for excellence in all that we do, that includes the continuous prevention of viruses and diseases like COVID-19.

Proper cleaning and disinfection are detrimental for all businesses to remain open and functioning. With the restrictions in place, most facilities are operating at a 50% or less occupancy. This allows for the best chances to maintain the 6ft. social distancing guidelines. In places where social distancing cannot be maintained, there are partitions in place for the protection of others.

Regardless of what phase we are in, businesses must remember that cleaning and disinfection are different. Both must be maintained to keep the business safe for all employees and customers. In the event of possible coronavirus exposure, Rock Environmental will be available to assist with proper coronavirus cleaning services using our SteraMist line of products.

SteraMist has been registered with the EPA as a Hospital-HealthCare Disinfectant, Effective Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant. Using the binary ionization technology, we can safely clean your facility at any time.

Whether it be before you open in Phase 3 or you have already opened for business, consider having Rock Environmental come in to provide exceptional cleaning service and keep us coming back to ensure there is no spread of the coronavirus.

What can you as a business do to prevent the spread?

Rochester NY Reopening Cleaning Preventing Covid-19 Spreading
  • Wear gloves when cleaning and disinfecting. This will help prevent the spread of germs and viruses
  • Clean areas first, then disinfect. Cleaning removes dirt, grime and debris. Disinfecting gets rid of the germs and bacteria left behind.
  • Conduct routine cleaning and disinfecting. If it means closing for a short time, do it. Be sure all high touch areas are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly throughout the business day.
  • If someone entered the facility who may have been sick, close off the area. Don’t let others in. If you can, wait 24-hours to clean and disinfect the area. This allows for the virus to begin to die making it safer for you to enter the space to clean and disinfect.
  • Don’t vacuum when people (customers) are in the facility or room. Wait until the end of the day to vacuum due to the air flow caused by vacuums. If you must vacuum during business hours, use a Bissell (non-electric vacuum)
  • Ensure outdoor areas are thoroughly cleaned as well. Being outdoors in the weather is not enough. With outdoor seating being a preference for many, make sure these areas are also cleaned periodically throughout the day.
  • Follow the current state guidelines. Be sure all customers/patrons can maintain social distancing (if can’t, the be sure to have partitions and masks), conduct temperature checks for all employees and even customers, and wash your hands regularly!
  • Make sure the staff is educated on the CDC regulations and guidelines set in place for your facility. This includes proper use of PPE, cleaning and disinfecting routines, and being able to take note of possible signs of infection in others.
  • Having your business operational again is great but know your right as a business owner to turn away customers who are not wearing proper face coverings. Keep you, your employees and your customers safe!

Find out if your business is eligible for Rochester NY Reopening.

If you think your business is eligible for Rochester NY Reopening, but you are not on the list, fill out this form to keep at your workplace!

When in doubt, call Rock Environmental for Coronavirus Cleaning for your business! Our team is ready to mobilize and available for 24/7 response. We’re in this together, let us help you get your business back on track!

If you or someone you know have questions or concerns regarding Rochester NY Reopening from Coronavirus, call our Rock Environmental professionals at 585-340-6799. Or click the button below to send us a message!

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