Fire Damage Restoration

Rochester, NY


Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services in Rochester, NY

In 2020, every 23 seconds somewhere in the United States a fire department was responding to a call according to the National Fire Protection Association. Every 89 seconds one of those calls was reported to be in a home. Fire safety is important, as well as how to handle various classes of fires. It's also important to know what to expect once the flames are out.

At Rock Environmental, our entire crew has been trained in fire damage restoration along with damage cleanup services for smoke, soot, and water damage. A lot can happen during a fire; big or small. Not all damage can be seen, so special precautions should be taken when remediating the home or business.

During even the smallest of fires, soot and carbon particles are transmitted throughout the entire area and can travel through the home. The odors of smoke can permeate many materials such as fabrics, wood, and even into your appliances. For many fires, water is used by the fire department to be extinguished. Excess water can result in further damage beyond the fire and smoke damage.

Our end goal is to help you and your family get your home back to how it was before the fire. We take care and pride in our professionalism, kindness, and understanding of your situation. Fires can be traumatic to those involved, but we are here to help; we're in this together.


Common Causes of Household Fires

  • Small Kitchen Fires
  • Leaving the oven or stovetop on
  • Candles
  • Playing with matches or lighters
  • Smoking
  • Oil or Grease Fires
  • Electrical Fires
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Space Heaters
  • Faulty wiring in electrical appliances
  • Creosote Buildup in Chimneys and Fireplaces
  • Fireworks
  • Turkey Fryer Fires
  • Christmas Tree Fires
  • Lint traps in dryers
  • Embers from a fireplace

Fire Class Types

Class A - Solid materials such as wood, paper, and plastics

Class B - Flammable liquids such as gas, oil-based paint, and petroleum

Class C - Electrical components such as motors, electronics (computer, radio), and appliances

Class D - Combustible metals such as sodium, titanium, magnesium, and potassium (most rare fire type)

Class K - Cooking oil, grease, animal or vegetable fat


Step by Step Process for Fire Restoration Rochester, NY

Fire and smoke damage restoration companies each have their own restoration process for handling the removal services after a fire has occurred. Small fires can still cause quite a bit of damage to the surrounding areas.

The goal of Rock Environmental and the Greater Rochester, NY crew members is to get your home back to pre-loss conditions. Our process can change depending on the type of fire that occurred as well as how much resulting damage there is.

Let's Get Started!
  • When we arrive we will complete an inspection of the damaged area. This will allow us to determine an estimate for possible damages and restoration services.

  • Use boards, tarps, or other materials to keep the elements and pests out of your home before repairs can be completed. This can also include roof tarping if necessary.

  • We will next remove water that was left from the fire extinguishing efforts. Once the water has been removed we can dry out the area to prevent further water damage.

  • Next, we will begin to remove any items that need to be disposed of. If there are items that can be salvaged (cleaned/restored) they will be taken to our secure facility for further restoration. All debris will be disposed of properly.

  • Visible stains from smoke, soot, and water will be cleaned and removed (if possible). Some water stains that occur on drywall may need to be removed and replaced. A thorough cleaning will be conducted of your home to remove signs of smoke and soot. We may use air scrubbers, purifiers, and other devices to clean the area.

  • Once the visible mess has been cleaned we will begin to work on the odors left behind from the fire. Using air filters we can remove soot particles as well as remove smoke odors. Rock Environmental uses SteraMist which can be effective in cleaning and deodorizing areas affected by soot and smoke.

  • Restoration services can begin once the area has been dried, cleaned, and deodorized. Water damage restoration may be required if there was a need for a lot of water.

Damages That Can Occur From a Fire

Various types of property damage can occur from a fire. Fire restoration is almost a blanket term that can also include soot, smoke, and water restoration needs as well. Rock Environmental offers fire damage restoration services for the following types of damages. Call if you are unsure what your damage qualifies as, we can likely still help you!

Smoke Damage

Not all smoke damage is visible; the odor of smoke could affect an entire home after a fire. Most often, the smoke odors go beyond the area where the initial fire was, creating the need for more cleaning and deodorizing. Having smoke odors removed can range in cost depending on the size of the rooms as well as how many. 

Soot Damage

Soot contains mostly carbon which is created after materials have burned. Soot is often contained to areas that had the fire, however, soot can be found within the air ducts of your home. Soot will usually leave a black stain on walls and surfaces that need to be physically cleaned. 

Depending on the type of fire, the soot may be a more oily consistency which may require more cleaning. Prices can range depending on how much there is, but it often correlates in price with smoke restoration.

Chemical Damage

Depending on the type of fire, there may be toxic chemical fumes spreading throughout the home. While fire extinguishers are excellent for putting out fires, they can leave behind a residue that may be toxic. Additionally, if there were cleaning agents involved in the fire, other toxic fumes could linger. Having a professional cleaning can help eliminate this risk.

Water Damage

During a fire, water is often used to extinguish the flames. Once it is out, the water and moisture can remain in the area. The water will need to be removed as well as any excess moisture. Rock Environmental will use high-powered air movers as well as dehumidifiers to help dry out the space. 

If the water is left too long, the drywall may become damaged as well s other materials if they aren't dried properly. Water damage restoration is often needed after a fire.

Structural Damages

Larger fires can cause severe structural damage. Damage can affect doors, windows, walls, the roof, and other areas within a home. Further assessments may be required to determine the overall integrity of the home to see if it can be restored, or if it ends up being a total loss. 

If the home can be restored, the burnt materials will be removed and disposed of properly. A home contractor should then be called to help with remodeling the home after the restoration of other areas has been concluded.


Why Choose Rock Environmental?

The first 48 hours are imperative in the fire restoration Rochester, NY process. Don’t wait to get the work done and try and take care of it yourself. Let us do the work for you. Restoration begins once the flames have been extinguished.

Emergency services offered by Rock Environmental should be availed right away to avoid any further or more extensive damages. Our HAZWOPER certified crew will help to reduce and eliminate noxious odors and stains from your home post-fire.

Water damages left behind can be restored with ease by our restoration professionals to bring your home to pre-fire conditions. Dealing with a fire can be traumatic to you and your family. We handle all projects with compassion and professionalism. If necessary, we will work with your insurance company to help get your home restored quickly.